We are a professional language agency in the Cologne/Bonn area

Mühl-Lingua is an independent provider for German, Hungarian and English language services with the special feature of court accreditation under general oath.

Our customers include companies from Germany and Hungary and individuals as well as courts and authorities in North Rhine-Westphalia.



Mühl-Lingua means simultaneous, consecutive or whispering interpreting on a top level.

Under general oath I attend as expert regularly court proceedings and meetings with authorities.


Weprovide fast and reliable translations services of high quality for business as well for private customers.

Furthermore I am authorised to act as approved translator for the Hungarian language.

Language Courses

Mühl-Lingua provides you advanced and tailored language courses for:

German as Foreign Language (DaF)

German as Target Language (DaZ)

Hungarian at the level A1-C2.


For websites or various occasions we create stylistically demanding texts or proofread your draft text.

If required we translate it into English or Hungarian as well. So you get everything out of one hand that saves you a lot of time and effort.



As court interpreter and by the President of Oberlandesgericht Köln authorised translator for the Hungarian language I’m approved to interpret for courts and authorities as well to translate certified for official bodies.

DaF/DaZ: German as Foreign or Target Language

We develop our language courses according to the Common European Framework of Refference (CEFR)  and our certification course according to the Goethe-Institute for German as a Foreign or Target Language.

Language Combinations

In case of interpreting we provide the following language combinations:

German-Hungarian, Hungarian-German, English-German, English-Hungarian.

In case of translating you may choose between language combinations:

German-Hungarian, Hungarian-German, English-German, English-Hungarian.

For translation services into English skilled colleagues  support us.


Our expertise is in topics like:

Economy, energy sector, engineering, journalism, law, literature, medicine, politics and telecommunication.

Type of Interpreting

Consecutive Interpreting

While you are speeking we take notes and after some minutes we summarize what was said in the required language.

Simultaneous Interpreting

Language mediation follows nearly almost simultaneously to what is said. This type of interpreting needs a high level of concentration and expertise.

Whispering Interpreting

Simultaneous interpreting but with one difference. The translation is whispered into the listener’s ear. This type of interpreting needs a high level of concentration and expertise, too.

Emőke Mühl

  • About me

    Born and raised in Budapest, I have been living in the German speeking area for more then 20 years.

  • Business Experience

    For more than 15 years I have been working as Interpreter, Translator and Language Teacher in Germany, Hungary and Austria.

    I was active as a Language Lecturer on the University of Vienna, University of Natural Ressources and Life Sciences, Vienna and Vienna University of Economics and Business for 6 years.

    My research was about bi- and multilingualism at the University of Vienna and at the Hungarian Academy of Scienses.

  • Studies

    I have gained a Masters degree at the University of Vienna on Finno-Ugrian Studies (Hungarian Studies), General and Applied Linguistics and Slavic Studies (Russian).